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Leadership & Life Coaching Online Course

Coaching Anytime, Anywhere!
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Your Guide to Total Transformation

Getting to the Heart of the Matter encourages you to design your future, compose your life and accelerate progress towards achieving your goals. You will learn how to amplify your awareness of self and others. Mastering how to navigate life changes, make informed decisions, revitalise your creativity and develop strategies are all part of the process. The results? Your dreams, goals and aspirations will blossom to life with your newfound resources and knowledge.

Hard as it may seem now, you will find clarity in chaos. This is your guide to total transformation.

Teen Leadership Coaching Online Course

Building Resilience & Confidence Anytime, Anywhere!
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Mastery Coaching Online Course

International Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Developer and Facilitator (and Awesome Mum of a 21-year-old) Catherine Plano will be your online life coach and tour guide for tapping into your true potential and making the most out of the best years of your life.

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That’s right. It only takes 21 days to start living the life you have always dreamed of.